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2nd Amendment
    Toward a framework for interpreting the Second Amendment
  Archive - 12

Thomas Hobbes
(1588-1679), English philosopher and political theorist , one of the first Western thinkers to establish justification for the political state

Capitalism, Commerce and the Corporation
     Capitalism is a system of voluntary relationships within a legal framework that is impossible unless ...

  Archive - c
  Tribal Legal Systems
       In many tribal communities,    dual  justice systems exist. One is    based on a paradigm of justice, and   the  other is based on an indigenous   paradigm...
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Zurcher vs. Stanford Univ.
      The aftermath of a Stanford University takeoverat the
Stanford Daily sent a tidal wave of repression sweeping across California and the nation's campuses...

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                                             TAKING THE MPRE THIS SPRING?
The March exam date for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination is set. The MPRE is two hours and five minutes in length. Download full PDF text of the MPRE announcement. Applicants for the March exam must report to their assigned test center no later than 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, March 9, 2002.

   October 6, 2002
Dept. of Education Website's Sudden Remake
Washington Bureau

     WASHINGTON DC -- Education Web site is up for overhaul to fit Bush philosophy The U.S. Department of Education's Web site will be revamped to bring the content in line with the Bush administration's philosophy, according to a Sept. 18 report by Education Week.
The U.S. Department of Education will unveil an updated Web site this fall. That update reportedly entails removing thousands of pages -- many of which are dated or inactive.
     However, many the pages will be removed for another reason: because they do not "reflect the priorities, philosophies, or goals of the present administration," according to a May 31 directive obtained by Education Week. The periodical reported that, according to the directive, everything on the site dated before Bush took office in January 2001 will be removed unless it supports current administration initiatives.
     The Department of Education will nevertheless, still be required to keep certain Clinton-era information on its site. According to the 1996 Electronic Freedom of Information Act, documents that are likely to "become the subject of subsequent [FOI] requests," must be maintained on the government Web site. Records on a "popular topic," should be kept in the government's electronic reading room.
     The Department of Education currently keeps its electronic reading room available to the public on the Web. The Department of Education had a good track record in complying with the Electronic FOI Act under Clinton, according to a 1999 study done by OMB Watch, a group that monitors issues of access to the federal government. The Department of Education did not return repeated calls and could not be reached for comment.




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"The case for civil liberties is powerfully grounded in political philosophy's wisest principles, as well as the wisest policies drawn from experience." 
   [From the 1985 lecture notes of, Prof. Leonard W. Levy, Andrew Mellon Professor of Humanities, Claremont Graduate School. Claremont, CA]

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