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Effective January 1, 2002

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     For professional legal services and associated product advertisers who need a Web site to display their marketing message, we have a firecracker offer. When you purchase a 2,000 impression Run of Site Banner Ad on ALR, we'll design and host your business Web site for $50 per month and waive normal setup fees!
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Monthly Banner Ad Rates

Description Set Up Cost per 1,000
Run of Site $25.00 $25.00
Rotation by Section $25.00 $25.00
Exclusive Placement $25.00 $50.00

Monthly rates for banner display or link advertisements are based upon the number of impressions (the number of times your ad is displayed).
     Set up fee is based upon 2 hours initial design , plus a maximum of 1 hour per week for revisions.
     Additional time or custom design work will be charged at $75 per hour. Ad sizes will conform to 468x60 in dimension, the same as the ad at the top of this page and our home page.

Banner Ad Formats

Run of Site:
Your banner display ad will rotate on every Section, Story, and Feature page of the American Law Review online newspaper.

Section Rotation:
Your banner display ad will rotate in a specific section within The American Law Review. Up to five banner ads may rotate within a given section.

Exclusive placement:
Your banner display ad will be placed on a specific page and give you exclusivity on that page.


Find your customers within a range of subjects and specific groups.

  • General Rotation: Banner ads are placed generally throughout Valley Press Media Network sites. Text ads are placed within messages of lists hosted by our service.
  • Run of Category: Banner ads rotate through a specific major category within the Valley Press site. Text ads appear within messages of lists classified in specific major categories.
  • Micro Category: Banners are placed on specific, highly targeted individual pages of a designated Valley Press site. Text ads appear within messages of specific lists. Rich media campaigns can be accepted with seven day advance notice. Please contact us for pricing and details.
Ad Unit Type   General Rotation Target
Run of Site $10 CPM
Category Target $20 CPM
Affinity Target $30 CPM

Quantity and frequency discounts available.

Web Page Design

    We can build your Internet Web pages for you and even create your website for you. Basic HTML web design is based on a rate of $75 per hour. Special programming and CGI scripting is based upon a rate of $95 per hour.

     The overall cost of a project is based on the size and complexity of the site as well as the quality and format of content and graphics to be included. Please Contact Valley Press Advertising Dept. for Web Site price quotes.

 Creative Specifications

  • Banners should be submitted 48 hours before placement.
  • Ad banners can be no larger than 20 KB.
  • Standard banner size: 468 x 60 pixels.
  • File type: Animated .GIF or static .JPG
  • Delivery may be made via email attachment or disk media.

Valley Press Readership Statistics

     The Valley Press MediaNetwork uses a patented computer program to monitor Web surfers' use of the Web site, and gathers random sample interview material and anecdotal records for statistical purposes. In addition, proprietary in-house statistical software applications are used analyze trends.
     Considerable detail is also obtained by random sampling of statistics gathered by the Valley Press to determine the characteristics of readers of the news publications with particular attention to the economic data displayed on the VP Demographics & Distribution page.

Who to Contact

Interested in hot new animation banner ads in our across the board media publications? Contact Valley Press Wire. For specific media wire markets see the contact table below:

Palo Alto HQ Office
555 Bryant St. # 124
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Stanford Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

American Law Review
Stephanie Malden
Law Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

Clovis Free Press
754 Third Street, Ste. 102A.
Old Town Clovis, CA 93612
Trail Wire
Telecom: 559-299-9113

Mother Wire Magazine
Laurie Kobliska
Mother Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

Fresno Republican
Fresno Station Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

Tower District News
Amy Williams
Tower Station Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

Daily Republican
Washington Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

PC Paramedics Report
Fig Garden Office
Mobile Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

California Star
Steven Calley
Bay Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

Yosemite News
Amy Williams
Telecom: 650-326-2228

Woodward Park Times
Andrew Levenger
Amphiteater Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

American Law Review
Valley Press Office
Nature Wire
Telecom: 650-326-2228

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